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Mana-Zucca Collection

 Collection — translation missing: en.enumerations.container_type.container: 102 Boxes
Identifier: SPC7005
Abstract The Mana-Zucca Collection contains the works, personal papers, photograph albums, scrapbooks, handwritten music and compositions of the American actress, singer, pianist and composer Augusta Zuckerman. This collection is comprised of eight series, spanning over 100 boxes is housed in the Special Collections and University Archives Department at Florida International University.
Dates: Other: 1912 - 1989

Manuscripts – Single Items Collection

Identifier: SPC7075
Scope and Contents The items in this collection represent single or small donations to the division. These are original manuscripts of historical significance.
Dates: Created: 1818-1971

Marvin Dunn Collection

Identifier: SPC5080
Scope and Contents This collection contains photographs, manuscripts, newspaper articles, audio-interviews and journal articles dating back to the mid-19th century depicting life for African Americans in South Florida all the way to the present. This addresses racial relations amongst increasing Hispanic emigration, evolution in the legal system and local court houses, demands for fairer educational standards, and acknowledgment of racial bias for crimes against African Americans done by whites.
Dates: Other: Majority of material found within 1843 - 2009

Memorabilia from Flag Raising Ceremony United States- Havana

Identifier: SPC7080
Scope and Contents In this collection there are only two items. One being a pamphlet that explains the significance of the United States Embassy-Havana Flag Raising Ceremony on August 14, 2015. While the second object is a paper fan that when unfurled shows a depiction of an American Flag.
Dates: Created: 2015; Other: Date acquired: 08/27/2015

Miami Metropolitan Museum and Art Center Collection

Identifier: SPC4080
Scope and Contents This collection contains documents including but not limited to exhibit brochures, video gallery exhibitions, select artifacts from sunken ships, photographs, sculptures, and prints. This includes the Quicksilver Galleons believed to have sunk near the Dominican Republic in the early 18th century. Additionally, these archives are not limited to Latin America, but do contain select workings from the Far East, such as Japanese ceramic art.
Dates: Created: 1968-1988

Miami Metropolitan Museum and Art Center Manuscript Collection

Identifier: SPC4085
Scope and Contents This collection contains manuscripts depicting various newspaper articles and headlines from publishers such as the San Francisco Evening Post, the Chico Enterprise, New York Times, and the Newbury Herald and County Gazette. Additionally, this collection is home to local city receipts and invoices regarding property transitions, such as the New York Central Railroad company and the Arlington Street Church.
Dates: Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1989

Mickey Wolfson

Identifier: ##36n
Dates: Other: date unknown

Police Collective Bargaining Agreement # 3

Identifier: SPC5042
Scope and Contents This collection entails bargaining agreements, contracts, and complaints between the state and local police officers of Florida involving the Florida Police Benevolent Association, one of many labor unions involving police officers. Additionally, in this collection are listed manuals and demands during collective bargaining negotiations to ensure all police officers received fair pay, benefits, and pension.
Dates: Other: Majority of material found within 1937-1991

Public Service Contracts

Identifier: SPC5041-5
Scope and Contents This collection contains agreements and contracts pertaining to public employees such as the Police Benevolent Association. Included in these agreements are settlements concerning contracts, grievance law handbooks, and motivational doctrines. It relates to the necessity of labor unions in receiving fair compensation and allowing individuals the right to state any concerns on how they are being managed both in the public and private sector. Additional documents include manuals on how to bargain...
Dates: Other: Majority of material found within 1973 - 1991-10

Rabbi Herbert Baumgard Collection

Identifier: SPC8060
Dates: Publication: 2019-11-27

Ralph Renick Collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: SPC650
Scope and Contents The Collection of Ralph Renick includes correspondence, trip reports, programs, invitations, newspapers, bills, photographs, clippings, handbook, certificates, directories, passports, speeches, notebooks, maps, tapes. This collection contains materials regarding the life and career of Ralph Renick. Subjects covered by the collection include Los Angeles, China, D-Day, England, Florida Broadcast Pioneers, Florida International University, France, Governor Bob Graham, Greater Miami Jewish...
Dates: Created: 1934-1991; Other: Majority of material found in 1955-1991; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1998

Richard Schwartz Collection on FBI Blacklist Cases

 Collection — translation missing: en.enumerations.container_type.container: 1 Box
Identifier: SPC8010
Scope and Contents This collection contains documents pertaining to individuals being monitored by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), such as Albert Einstein and his secretary, Helen Dukas, and stage actor Lenny by former FBI director John F. Sullivan. Such documents include biography and clearance information from those individuals. During the 1960s, and the Cold-War reigning on, the FBI often investigated or kept close-tabs on any individual who may be have construed as a domestic political threat. For...
Dates: Other: Date acquired: 03/23/1980

Rob Boyte Collection

 Collection — translation missing: en.enumerations.container_type.container: 3 Boxes
Identifier: SPC8030
Scope and Contents This collection contains pictures and negatives from photographer Rob Boyte during his time in Miami, Florida. The significance in the beauty of these photographs is more than what is being captured, but what it symbolizes. For instance, the photographs capturing the essence of the individual person also captures their story. The area they live in, the city, the daily lives, and even the vehicles and local animal life. Additionally captured are images representing global events that relate...
Dates: Other: Majority of material found within date unknown

Rogelio Caparros Photograph Collection

Identifier: SPC504
Scope and Contents Rogelio Caparros was a writer and photographer for the Cuban magazine, Bohemia. The photograph collection reflects Cuban life during the Revolution, in Nicaragua, Panama and includes a number of photographs taken in New York during Caparros' tenure as a photographer for the United Nations in the early 1960s. There are also a number of photographs of car and motorcycle races in the Caribbean and North America covering the period from 1957 to 1975. Included are thousands of negatives, contact...
Dates: Created: 1957 - 1963; Digitized: 2019

Rosewood Collection

Identifier: SPC5081
Dates: Other: date unknown

Russian Manuscripts Collection

Identifier: SPC7070
Scope and Contents This collection contains the manuscript for the novel A New World for Simon Ashkenazy by David Markish and the Collection of Orion Poetry by Michael Gendelev (Mikhail Gendelev). These works are inspired by Russian born writers, both of Jewish heritage, who emigrated to Israel for more permissive creative freedom in the 1970s.
Dates: Created: 1976 - 1985

Sadoff Collection of Cashbooks and Banking Records

 Collection — translation missing: en.enumerations.container_type.container: 32 Items
Identifier: SPC7095
Scope and Contents This collection contains banking records from various businesses and banks dating back to the early 19th century. Included are bank receipts, record books, cash and receipt books, and financial ledgers. Such records are from the Gradner Maine General Store, Edwin Robinson, and the York County Water County.
Dates: Created: 1805 - 1972

Sammie Helm Collection

 Collection — translation missing: en.enumerations.container_type.container: 1 Folder
Identifier: SPC6075
Abstract The collection is composed of a written pamphlet that Sammie Helm gave to her friend, Ann Bussel. The content of that piece is in the forward to the manuscript she left to her friend Ann. Melanie Camp transcribed, edited, and prepared Sammie’s writing for print, and gave the title “Vanaya’s Verity” which is also part of the collection.
Dates: Other: Date acquired: 06/20/2014

Senator Jack Gordon Papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: SPC7000
Abstract These records document his work with the Dade County School Board and his service to Florida as a member of the Florida State Senate.
Dates: Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1993

Severo Sarduy Collection

 Collection — translation missing: en.enumerations.container_type.container: 2 Box
Identifier: SPC8015
Scope and Contents This collection contains articles, both personal and from newspapers such as the El Nuevo Herald and ABC Madrid reflecting the local life of both Cuban and Hispanic cultures as well as personal documents detailing the life of Severo Sarduy and the political and social difficulties of Cuban life and of facing discrimination for homosexuality. Such documents are “Aprendizaje de la muerte” by Ignacio Echevarría, “En la muerte de Severo Sarduy” by Jose Miguel Ullan, and “Muere en Paris el escritor...
Dates: Other: Majority of material found within Date acquired: 09/28/2015

Sheldon Abend American Theater Collection

Identifier: SPC6030
Abstract Sheldon Abend was a colorful executive producer who also served as an estate representative for such literary luminaries as George Bernard Shaw and Tennessee Williams. He made a name for himself by winning an intense copyright battle with MCA. A New York native who later fought in the ring and worked as a tugboat coal-stoker, Abend went to work for the American Play Country in 1957 with little education and an over-abundance of initiative. He rose through the ranks to own the organization in...
Dates: Other: date unknown

South Florida AFL-CIO

Identifier: SPC5045
Scope and Contents This collection contains notes, newspaper clippings, articles, photographs, pictures, and resolutions filed for and against the AFL-CIO during labor negotiations. Additionally, notebooks and certificates are used here to help individuals comprehend the process that goes through contract negotiations, as well as the consequences for those who can be affected by change (directly or indirectly), not affected at all, or affected in a positive rather than negative manner.
Dates: Other: Majority of material found within date unknown

The Cuban Human Rights Collection

 Collection — translation missing: en.enumerations.container_type.container: 30 Boxes
Identifier: SPC7035
Scope and Contents The Cuban Human Right Collection date from 1961 to 2004, primarily covering issues of human rights on Cuba. In addition to Cuban newspaper clippings from the 1980s to the early 2000s, published in The Miami Herald, El Nuevo Herald, and other periodicals, the collection also includes audio interviews with Cuban dissidents, which include key members of the dissident movement in Cuba. Radio programs from ...
Dates: Created: 1983 - 2004; Other: Majority of material found in 1990-1999; Other: Date acquired: 2005

The Maria Alexander Callinicos Collection

Identifier: SPC7060
Scope and Contents This collection contains production orders and brochures from plays featured at the Coral Gables and Parker Playhouses. Such examples include renditions of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Agatha Christie’s Go Back for Murder, and Shelden Epp’s Blues in the Night. There are over 100 play accounts in this collection, and these plays are based on more than just books, but classic plays as well, such as Neil Simon’s The Gingerbread Lady. Here, individuals can grasp the creative reactions and perspectives...
Dates: Other: Majority of material found within date unknown

The New Republic/Jorge Mas Canosa Collection

 Collection — translation missing: en.enumerations.container_type.container: Boxes 1-8
Identifier: SPC5090
Scope and Contents The New Republic/Jorge Mas Canosa Collection in Special Collections in the Green Library at Florida International University consists of materials gathered by legal counsel retained by the New Republic magazine as part of trial preparation in a libel suit filed against the magazine by Mr. Mas Canosa, Chairman of the Cuban American National Foundation. The suit stemmed from an article that ran in the October 3, 1994 edition of the New Republic written by Anne Louise Bardach (pp. 20-25)....
Dates: Created: 1979-1996; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/2009

Tucker Collection

Identifier: SPC5005
Scope and Contents This collection contains documentations such as audio files, legal documents, personal documents, and video documentations from Jan L. tucker depicting the global impact of the educational system based on different events and cultures. Such examples include comparison to the Chinese curriculum and relations within Iraq during the 1991 Gulf War and how the United States schools were adjusting, such as at Miami Edison Middle School. Additional content emphasizes on Global Awareness Programs (GAP)...
Dates: Created: 1941-1991

UAW Newspaper Bound Volume

Identifier: SPC5043
Scope and Contents This collection contains documents pertaining to the labor union United Automobile Workers (UAW) and its eventual unification with the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) becoming the UAW-CIO. Included in this archive are negotiation research, group research in the specific fields, directories, and publications regarding wages, growth, and pension.
Dates: Other: Majority of material found within date unknown

Undine Sams Nursing Collection

Identifier: SPC5086
Abstract Born on July 21, 1919, in Wachula, Florida, Undine Sams graduated from Jackson Memorial Hospital School of Nursing in 1940 and received her BSN from Barry College (now Barry University), in 1961 she worked in emergency, industrial, school and private duty nursing and was a volunteer Red Cross nurse. Sams was one of the few nurses to win the Army-Navy Excellence Award at the Richmond Field Blimp Base during World War II. Her contributions to the profession were recognized earlier this year when...
Dates: Other: date unknown

University Archives

Identifier: UA500
Scope and Contents The University Archives collects, preserves, and provides access to a variety of materials that documents the founding, development of and future plans of Florida International University. The collection includes: the working papers of the University’s presidents; photographs documenting faculty and students, events, buildings and campus scenes; papers of distinguished of FIU alumni and faculty; and memorabilia documenting student life and university traditions.
Dates: Other: date unknown

Vicentico Valdés Collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: DAC6020
Abstract Vicentico Valdés was born on December 10, 1919 in Havana, and died on June 26, 1995 in New York. His career began as a singer of “El Nacional”. Later on, he became a member of “El Sexteto Jabón Candado” and “La Orquesta de Cheo Belén Puig y Cosmopolita”. In the 40's he integrated the sextet of “Los Leones” in Cuba and he also recorded with “El Conjunto Tropical de Humberto Cané” in México. Upon moving to New York he sang at the Hispanic Theater, the Million Dollar, the Park Plaza, the...
Dates: Created: 1959-1995; Other: Majority of material found in 1965; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/2012